ATC will provide server administration services for computers, including virtual computing machines, that are located in your facilities. Server administration includes keeping the operating system current with patches and the system disk is backed up daily. ATC constantly monitors conditions in the environment and within the servers and will managed any conditions that arise and notify the customer. Installation of applications is included

We provide Server Administration at a very nominal cost. Given below are a few of the services included in our administration packages.

  • Installing softwares
  • Upgrading software and applying patches
  • Configuration changes
  • Control Panel Upgrades
  • Log files interpretation
  • Installing/Updating firewalls
  • Installing secure (SSL) certificates
  • Restarting services
  • Rebooting by contacting Data Center
  • Monthly Server Reports
  • DNS issues
  • Backup configuration
  • Kernel Upgrades
  • PHP Installation/Configuration/Upgrade
  • Installation of Other Services
  • Security Settings
  • Hardening and Tuning of Servers
  • Server Migration
  • Active Directory
  • SQL Server
  • DNS
  • VirtualizationLinux


Servers are one of the most critical devices on any network and in business uptime can make or break your business. At ATC we train our server technicians and engineers to support network computer servers from all manufactures and have them get certified on repair and Management of servers from Dell, IBM, HP, Windows, Linux and MAC.

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  • ATC IT Managed Services & Network Monitoring
  • Safeguards your business 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Affordable, pro-active system monitoring and response
  • Maximizes system uptime and business efficiency
  • Managed Service and Monitors the system that are most critical
  • Alerts ATC Tech and business administrators immediately when an issue manifests itself
  • Developed and priced to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses
    The absolutely essential service for the business owner or executive

Left unmonitored, your network and computers will inevitably fail, leaving employees idle and impacting your ability to do business and costing thousands through the loss of productivity, revenue or image. That’s why we now offer businesses 24/7 continuous monitoring, alerting and reporting services to our clients with critical information, including security vulnerabilities and network performance to help service and manage your IT environment.

With ATC Monitor from ATC, we can take corrective action before the problem occurs, or before you even notice it. Managed Services Provider, Server Management, Managed Services, New York, NY, Network System, Network Security, Networks Management Service New York, Managed Server, Managed Services NY.

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