Ransomware, Malware Protection & Remediation

Protect your cloud against zero-day malware, ransomware, and viruses using the most advanced tools the industry has to offer.

It’s extremely important that your users recognize the symptoms of a virus. Our team will work side by side with yours to make sure the symptoms of a virus are well known and a plan to mitigate the spread of a virus is in place.


ATC Ransomware Endpoint protection that goes far beyond malware to effectively combat today’s threats. ATC Ransomware Flash Detect antivirus brings machine learning and behavioral analytics to your endpoint protection. Protect against malware, ransomware, file-less attacks, and fill the gaps left by legacy antivirus solutions.

ATC Ransomware protection starts blocking at the attack’s initial entrance vector (e.g. phishing) and keeps blocking across the entire attack lifecycle including exploit installation/execution and the command and control phase.

Security teams today are overwhelmed with alerts from ineffective products that lack any context or prioritization of attacks; so they end up missing the real threats targeting their data. Our Analytics and Reporting Cloud quickly filter through potential anomalies and only triggers alarms for the high fidelity events that warrant additional investigation.


No need to configure cryptocurrency wallets or transaction with the cybercriminals. We support the transaction while charging you no commission or crypto exchange fees.

  • We will negotiate with the ransomware hacker to reduce ransom.
  • We will remove the ransomware virus or viruses.
  • We will run the ransomware decryption tool, to ensure it doesn’t affect any other system.
  • We will cleanup all your system after the ransom.
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