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ATC offsite Backup services provides our customers with the ability to back up their computers and servers in the workplace safely and securely.

Is it necessary to back up my data at my business location?

Most businesses run daily backups to save their data on a separate computer at their same business location; but what if all data on all computers was damaged, for example because of a virus attack on the network, or computers were destroyed in a fire or were stolen? Off-site backup guarantees that you have a full backup copy of all your business data at a second location.

The cost of losing your data:

The cost of losing the data that your business accumulated over many years could be in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars; it can even cost you your business altogether. Investing in an Off-Site backup solution will protect your data and save your business.

Protecting multiple business locations through an off-site backup:

Our Off-Site Backup solution can protect multiple business locations by backing up each business location’s data at the other location. For example, business location 1 can be backed-up at business location 2. and business location 2 can be backed-up at business location 1. This way, you will save off-site backup costs by using all your business locations as a close circle off-site backup solution.


Having an Off-site backup solution implemented insures business continuity should your company suffer from data loss, by accessing remotely your business data from your Off-Site location where you store an identical copy of your business data, or by quickly restoring the data from your Off-Site backup storage device to your business main office.

Business or Governmental regulations

Some Professions and businesses, as in the case of Physicians, are required by law to have a Contingency Data Plan as per HIPAA backup requirements, which require organizations to create a disaster recovery plan that’s capable of restoring computer system records after an emergency situation as a fail-safe measure for protecting patient health information.

Service Repair

When your computers or network needs repair for any reason, the service company will not guarantee that the files on your hard drives will still be there when the service is completed. After the repair, you can always restore your data from your off-site backup storage device back into your business main office again.

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